Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Homemade House Slippers

Cold, hard floors are not a welcome experience in the mornings. Creating a custom pair of house slippers will ensure that your feet awake to a comfortable and stylish day. Making your own pair of slippers also allows you to make sure the slippers are the correct size for your feet.

Style and Materials

Decide what type of slipper you would like to create. An open-back slipper is easy to slip on early in the morning, while a slipper with a back would provide warmth to your entire foot. Decide what is important to you in a slipper and create that style. Once the style is determined, find materials that suit your needs. Terrycloth is soft and comfortable, while wool is warmer. Grips on the bottom of the foot can be created using spray-on rubber---keep this in mind when choosing a fabric.

Shape and Pattern

The pattern is the base for creating the slipper. Use your foot as a template to create both the shape and pattern. Make sure to stand up when measuring or tracing your foot - your weight will make your foot spread slightly, which can affect the fit of your final product. Add some cushion to the floor of the slipper. Quilter's batting will provide a bit of cushion, while a foam rubber would create a lot of cushion. There are many types of stuffing that can be incorporated into a slipper---keep the size and shape of the required stuffing in mind when creating the pattern.

Creating the Slipper

Once you have determined style and materials, create a pattern for sewing the slipper. Keep in mind that your sewing machine will need extra room for sewing---typically 1/4 inch on each side. If you don't account for this, your slipper will be too small. Sew the slipper inside out so the stitches don't show when completed. If the slipper does not fit once it is created, make notations on your pattern and start over. Creating footwear can be difficult and may require a few tries.

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