Thursday, February 13, 2014

Diy Mustache Wax

If you have a mustache of significant size or length, you may have been tempted to use (or have even used) mustache wax. If you would like to indulge in this type of fashion accessory but don't want to pay outlandish prices for such a simple product, you'll be pleased to know there are extremely easy ways to make your own mustache wax at home. With just a few ingredients and some simple instructions, you can have your very own DIY mustache wax that's colored and textured precisely how you want it to be.

Wax Ingredients and Creation

Making a great DIY mustache wax takes just a few simple ingredients. Combine a half-pound of gum arabic, a half-pound of oil soap and one pint of rose water. Warm these ingredients using a gentle heat, or by using your microwave on a low setting. Then mix in one pound of white wax that has also been melted using a gentle heat or your microwave. Stir these ingredients well while you are mixing them; otherwise, the wax may not combine correctly. Once everything is mixed together, add an ounce of attar of bergamot. If you want to scent the wax, add a sixteenth of an ounce of attar of thyme. This will help mask the scent of the wax and make it pleasing to smell for others and yourself.

Customizing the Wax

By altering the proportion of the ingredients you mix together, as well as how you mix them, you can make wax that is runnier or stiffer. For a firmer mustache wax, use a hair dryer or other heat source to keep the ingredients warm while you are mixing them together. This helps them combine smoothly and will make the mustache wax much easier to apply. If you want a mustache wax that is chunky and grainy, don't use heat while mixing the ingredients together. And don't heat them as much in the beginning, either. If you want to make the wax a specific color to match your mustache hair color, try using small amounts of colored shoe polish to achieve a coloration that is similar to that of your hair. If you wish, you can substitute other types of wax for the white wax (such as beeswax). However, this may change the consistency of the mustache wax.

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