Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cover A Bar On Sofa Bed So It Is More Comfortable

Sofa beds aren't synonymous with a good night's sleep, but if you cover the support bar properly, comfort whilst sleeping can greatly improve.

Sofa beds aren't renowned for their comfort, mainly thanks to the support bar that runs beneath the sofa bed's mattress. While the bar is necessary to stabilize the bed and mattress, it can ruin a good night's sleep. Before having guests sleep on the bed, test out how intrusive the bar is and remedy the problem by appropriately covering the bar so it doesn't dig through the mattress.


1. Test out the sofa bed before buying it. If the mattress is extremely thin and the bar can be felt when lying down, consider upgrading the sofa bed mattress, if possible. The upgrade will give you a thicker mattress so the bar is amply covered.

2. Buy a sofa bed mattress pad if you're stuck with the sofa bed mattress that comes with the sofa. Measure your existing sofa bed mattress and purchase a mattress pad that is the right size to fit snugly over the sofa bed mattress. Buy the mattress pad specifically made for sofa beds so that the extra padding lies on top of the bar that supports the mattress.

3. Attach the pad on top of the existing mattress like you would a fitted sheet. Use the elastic bands at each corner of the pad to secure it on the sofa bed mattress.

4. Place a deflated air bed on top of the sofa bed mattress. Make sure the air mattress is the same size or just smaller than the sofa bed mattress. The air bed can be used to cover the bar in conjunction with the mattress pad or used instead of it.

5. Inflate the air mattress using an electric pump. This should take only a few minutes. The air bed should provide enough space between the sleeper and the mattress bar to ensure the bar will not be felt.

Sofa bed manufacturers also make air mattresses that are already attached to the coiled mattress for easy storage. Simply inflate the air bed when needed so that it covers the bar with a cushion of air, and deflate when you put the bed away.

Tips Warnings

Go to furniture stores and/or bed and mattress stores to find mattress pads specifically made for sofa beds. Buy the best you can afford to ensure the pad lasts a long time.

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