Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Copyright Lyrics

No one ever wants their music to be stolen, so it is always a good idea to copyright music before they get in the wrong hands or ears in this case. You can easily start copyrighting lyrics and the melody itself. Once you have finished months of hard writing and editing, always make sure you copyright lyrics by visiting your local copyright office. Once you copyright song lyrics, and if after someone steals them it is very easy to sue someone for this.


1. Visit to copyright music. Read the About Copyright section to become familiar with the process. Also, be prepared to pay a fee for copyrighting. It will cost around $35 to do this.

On the left hand side of the website, you will see Register Online. Click on that and a new window will open.

2. If you need to register as a group, just scroll down the page and there should be an option to register as a group. Prior to copyrighting music, always make sure you read all the rules and requirements.

3. In the case you want to do everything by mail, visit and fill out the form.

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