Sunday, February 16, 2014

Buy And Use Talcum Powder

You can use talcum powder, also called talc, for changing a baby's diaper to prevent chafing. Women rely on talcum powder after showering for the same reasons. They usually apply it to most of the body by pouring into the hand and lightly rubbing it on their bodies. You can use talcum powder for many different purposes.


1. Visit the drugstore or grocery store to buy talcum powder. You can generally find it in the baby aisle or in the health and beauty aisle. Ask the sales clerk for help, if necessary.

2. You can use talcum powder in a swim cap to avoid pulled hair while putting it on. Several swimmers will use talcum on their swim caps so that it isn't necessary to get the hair wet before wearing it.

3. Use talcum powder during a game of pool. The cue can get sticky with hand oil after repeated use. Talcum powder is a great way to dry it out and provide a smoother break.

4. Use talcum powder in shoes as both an oder eater and as a means to dry out wetness. Shoes can be a bacteria haven, talcum powder can help prevent that.

Tips Warnings

Researchers have warned of dangers in using talcum powder because of its link to asbestos. Please decide carefully if you still want to use talcum powder.

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