Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Is Geodon Used For

Geodon is an antipsychotic prescription medication that is used to treat symptoms of the mental health disorders bipolar mania (also known as manic depression) and schizophrenia. Geodon alters the effects of natural chemicals in the brain.


Some manic symptoms of bipolar mania include being distracted easily, feeling highly irritable or moody, restlessness and insomnia, rapid speech, racing thoughts, and increased energy and activity levels.

Side Effects

All medications run the risk of causing side effects, from minor tosevere. The most frequent side effects of Geodon are restlessness, lightheadedness, dizziness, drowsiness and odd muscle movements (like shuffling and tremors). Weight gain is a rare side effect.

Taking the Medication

Geodon is available in capsule form. It must be taken with meals. The capsules must always be swallowed entirely whole (not chewed). It is also absolutely essential that patients follow their physician's treatment plan exactly. That means even if you start to feel significantly better, you have to continue taking Geodon for as long as your doctor prescribed it.

Time Frame

After a person starts taking Geodon, she will generally start to notice improvements within a few weeks. The time frame differs between users.


There are certain types of individuals who should avoid taking Geodon. These people include individuals who have a history long QT syndrome (either personally or within their family) and those who have or have had heart diseases (heart attack history, heart irregularities or heart failure). It is essential to first consult your doctor about whether Geodon is appropriate for your health needs.

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