Friday, October 4, 2013

Have A Calm And Relaxing Saturday

Have a Calm and Relaxing Saturday

Better mental health usually leads to a improved physical health. Get your overall mental and physical self back in the game by rejuvenating on a Saturday. Then the work week is over, instead of catching up on all the chores, enjoy a relaxing day.


1. Convert your morning shower into spa retreat. Fill the bath tub with bubbles, light some candles and dim the lights. Spend at least 30 minutes relaxing and enjoying your Saturday morning bath.

2. Get rid of the kids and significant other if they're still around on your relaxing Saturday.

3. Turn on some slow, soothing tunes. A good jazz CD, orchestra or even nature sounds disc can set a relaxing mood. If you find hard rock or pop music relaxing, by all means play it.

4. Start your Saturday morning off with a meal made by someone else. Either order out for breakfast, have your spouse cook for you or go to your favorite breakfast restaurant.

5. Exercise your body, even if you have doubts about it. Physical activity like walking, jogging or doing aerobics can relax you more than you realize.

6. Sit down with a good book, magazine or crossword puzzle. Watch a funny movie or listen to a good radio sget a few laughs in during the day. Include something funny, as a good hardy laugh relieves tension.

7. Throw in all the activities you enjoy. Go shopping, take in a movie, swim, hike or do yoga. Make sure not to stress out over getting to these activities, or you could ruin your day of relaxation.

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