Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make Lavender Oil From Herbs

Lavender is a beautiful plant, but it also has many health benefits. It is one of the most popular aromatherapy scents and the scent is thought to calm and clear the mind. Lavender can also fight pet odors and repel moths. Lavender essential oil can be purchased, but you may enjoy the creative process as much as you do using the oil. If so, you can easily make your own lavender oil at home.


1. Smash as much of the fresh lavender as you can into one of the glass jars. You should not pack it so tightly that the plants become mush, but there should be a fair amount of lavender inside and you can bend the stems. Make sure to get a lot of flowers and leaves inside.

2. Pour olive oil into the lavender jar. You should fill the jar with the olive oil right up to the point where the stopper will end so that there is no air left inside.

3. Steep the oil for a month. Some people prefer to keep their lavender oil in a cool, dark place, while others like the look of the oil and keep it in a window sill where it can get some sun. The oil will be stronger if exposed to regular, direct sunlight. The oil should be shaken daily to mix the components together and help with the infusion process.

4. Pour the oil through a strainer. Hold the strainer over the second jar and pour the oil through it into the second jar. Once you have emptied the jar holding the lavender of all oil, you can stopper the second jar and begin to use your lavender essential oil.

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