Monday, October 7, 2013

What Is Boldo Used For

Boldo has a few uses mostly pertaining to the digestive system. It is mostly used in its herbal form made from the leaves of the tree. Just because it is a supplement does not mean it is safe to use as much as you would like. Everything that you take should be in moderation and Boldo is not any different.


The Boldo tree contains leaves that are made into a supplement used to treat upset stomachs and help with digestion, gall bladder problems and constipation. It is also made into tea bags, which people use instead of the supplement tablets.

Time Frame

This tree, which originated in Chile, is grown from the month of December through February.


The boldo supplement and tea bags can be purchased at most local and online herbal health stores. The price range varies from $6 to more than $20, depending on the amount purchased.


Using too much boldo can be hazardous. It can become toxic to your body if you overdose on it. So seek advice of a doctor and stick to the dosage recommendations.


Boldo originated in Chile and the Mediterranean, but it is now being grown in parts of South America such as Peru.

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