Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Do You Wear To A Disco Party


Disco parties are a fun way to pay homage to the era of afros, bell-bottoms and free love. Along with the great clothing, you'll also get to enjoy some amazing music from the era. If you're invited to a disco party, you'll want to dress the part and find some clothing that reflects the flashy, retro disco theme.

Thrift Stores

When you an invitation to a disco party, the first place you should head to is the thrift store. Thrift stores have plenty to choose from when it comes to clothing from past decades, and you'll probably find items like polyester shirts, shiny pants and thick chains on the cheap. Consider dressing up as a member of the band Abba by dressing in all white, or pay homage to the diva starlets of the disco era by wearing sequins and sparkles. At a disco party, you'll probably be lighting up the dance floor, the perfect place to show off your costume.

Wigs and Hair

When dressing up for a disco party, you can have a lot of fun with your hair. Pick up an afro wig at a costume shop, of if you're a man, see if you can grow a thin moustache or get a stick on one for the occasion. Girls can also wear afro wigs or tease their hair up and out to reach new heights. Or go for popular styles of the 70's, like super straight or feathered hair like Farrah Fawcett's.

Character Costumes

You can also attend a disco party dressed as one of your favorite characters from the 70's, the era of disco. You and a friend might want to dress up as Starsky and Hutch, or a group of girls could go as Charlie's Angels. A larger group might attend dressed as the Partridge Family. Think about the television and movie characters that were popular during the disco era, and use these as inspiration for your party outfit.

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