Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Past The Electric Gates In "Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer"

In "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," you take control of the eponymous team and fight to save the world from Dr. Doom and the planet devouring Galactus. There are many obstacles and enemies that stand in your way and to get by them, you will have to make use of the team's different abilities.


1. Use the Invisible Woman's invisibility and force field powers to disable traps. Invisible Woman has the ability to turn invisible and walk through electric gates. Activate your invisibility power whenever you face an electric gate or other energy-based barrier and simply walk past it. The switch to deactivate the gate is often right on the other side. Invisible Woman can also use her force field to protect the team from environmental hazards and traps, such as spinning blades and energy attacks.

2. Use the Human Torch to fly over gaps and burn obstacles away. Human Torch is the only member of the team who can fly, so if you encounter a pitfall or broken bridge, use him to fly across and search for a way to bring the others, often an extending bridge. Also, any obstacle or enemy that requires fire to defeat will mandate using his fireball attacks.

3. Mister Fantastic can use his stretching power to activate switches and doors located in out of the way locations. If you see a switch with no discernible way to reach it, try using Mister Fantastic. He has the ability to squeeze through tiny openings and extend to far away platforms. He is often the only one capable of reaching hidden locations.

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