Friday, October 25, 2013

Cleanse Your Crystal Healing Gemstones

Cleanse Your Crystal Healing Gemstones

Crystal healing is often used to treat and cure stress, arthritis, illness or circulation disorders. It's thought that crystals and gemstones contain vibrational forces, which are then applied to the body's energy fields to correct ailments. In order for crystal healing to work, stones need to be clean and free of negative energy at all times. Follow these steps to cleanse your gemstones properly.


Cleanse Your Crystal Healing Gemstones Indoors

1. Brew a pot of tea. Sage tea is thought to be less damaging when cool. Put the crystals in a bowl and pour the sage tea over them, leaving them to soak overnight. Run the gemstones under cool water the next day.

2. Use smoke or an open flame. Gemstones can be passed under the smoke from scented incense or even placed directly into an open flame.

3. Keep it simple. By alternating hot and cold water for five minutes, crystals are cleansed.

4. Purchase a cleansing solution. Be sure it's alcohol-free.

5. Place stones in your freezer. An overnight stay will remove impurities and past energies so that they're ready for use the next day!

6. Use a mirror. By placing the stones on a mirror overnight, negative energies are released slowly.

Cleanse Your Crystal Healing Gemstones Outdoors

7. Let Mother Nature do the cleaning for you! Place the stones in moonlight, sunlight or even rain for a day.

8. Bury them! Moist sand or soil will suffice. Make sure you remember where you put them!

9. Try sea salt using a one to two cup ratio of salt to spring water. Let them soak for the day then dry in the sunshine or moonlight.

10. Get feedback on the different cleansing methods by visiting the "Millennium Minerals" Web site (see Resources below).

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