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What Can Cause Neck Pain In Children

What Can Cause Neck Pain in Children?

Children can experience neck pain just as adults do. The pain can be caused from a variety of issues, so it is important to consult the child's pediatrician if the pain persists or worsens over 24 hours. Although the pain may be radiating in the neck area, it can be related to something entirely different, which is why it's best to let an expert take a look at what is going on with the child.

Poor Posture

Poor posture can be a result of neck pain in children. They are often situated at a desk in a classroom for long periods of time and are most likely slouched over as they listen to the teacher. Children also tend to slump when playing video games or sitting in front of a computer whether it is school related or for fun. Show the child sit properly with her shoulders up and her back straight. This may help alleviate future neck pain.

Book Bags

Heavy book bags may cause neck pain in children. Often times the child has to bring home more than one book from the school, along with several binders and such. The weight of the book bag can pull on the shoulders and cause the muscles in the neck to strain. Purchase book bags that come with a strap that can be clasped around the child's waist to offer extra support. Also make sure the straps are not loose on the bag and do not hang low on the child's back.


Children are active today, whether it is playing backyard football with the neighborhood kids or recreational soccer at the local park. At some point or another, the child will sustain an injury by running into another player or from falling too hard on the ground. This injury may be a sprain, pulled muscle or even worse, a broken bone. Children can also get neck pain from injuries such as falling from trees, bikes or even off of a skateboard.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause neck pain in children. It is not only an autoimmune disease in older people, but in the middle-aged and children as well. Usually this type of arthritis has an onset of symptoms such as fever, inflammation of the joints and fatigue. Tests and X-rays can be ordered to determine if it is indeed rheumatoid arthritis that is causing neck pain in the child. Treatment is available for those who are diagnosed with this disease.


Tension may be the cause of neck pain. Children are often stressed just as adults are. They not only have to worry about doing well in school and pleasing the parent, but they also become tense over pressure from their peers. Encourage the child to rest, and offer an ice pack for the child to place on the back of the neck. Hot baths and a massage can bring relief as well. Give the child advice on how stressful situations can be approached in the future. A new approach may help lessen the tension.

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