Thursday, August 22, 2013

Make A Salt Lamp

Salt has been used for thousands of years for anything from seasoning your food, trade, salaries and medicinal purposes. Therefore the ways in which a salt lamp may benefit your home are numerous. The salt starts off in mines in locations that include the Himalayas. In its natural state, salt comes in every color from white to peach, pink and red. To take the salt from its first harvested state to that of a salt lamp is an achievable task.


From Slab to Lamp

1. Chisel by hand the larger slab of raw salt into smaller pieces -- to the size you want your candle to be. Multiple candles can be made from one slab.

2. Grade down each piece to a softer look using fine grade sandpaper. The oil from a human hand and/or water can also be used as an option. Shape your candles in this fashion.

3. Chisel the pieces again to begin the desired shapes you want your candle(s) to be. Do not finish all the way before adding a cavity.

4. Drill a cavity into the formed candle. This is where the light (candle) will be set and the base for your candle. Check for structural integrity. Any cracked lamps need to be tossed.

5. Wash the lamps with soapy water and allow to dry. Shape candle into final shape with a wire brush.

6. Insert a wooden base into the cavity and add a tea light which can be glued into place. Fasten the base to the lamp with fasteners. (drilling may be required) Drill a small hole in the bottom of the base so that the old tea light can be popped out and a new tea light can be installed when necessary.

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