Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teach Girls Personal Safety

In today’s society, danger can lurk around every corner. To help girls avoid dangerous situations, provide them with some useful tools that will increase their chances of staying safe. It doesn’t have to be a complex plan. A few simple actions will help girls achieve this safety goal.


1. Encourage girls to think their decisions through before making them. Teach them to look at the full picture and avoid impulsive choices. Explain think about the consequences of their actions instead of making rash decisions. To help them overcome peer pressure, teach girls about the importance of self-worth and responsibility. Instead of going along with the crowd, they’ll feel comfortable making the choices that will benefit them most.

2. Set up a system that allows them to notify you about their location. As they’re traveling throughout the day, you should be aware of where they are at all times, whether via text message, email or phone. Establishing this pattern shows them act responsibly.

3. Advise girls of the importance of sticking together and establishing a good buddy system. Explain that a buddy system means always going to unfamiliar places with someone they trust. When traveling far, they can contact friends or family members to go with them. In case they are confronted with unexpected circumstances, provide them with an always-accessible emergency contact number to reach you.

4. Show girls establish personal boundaries. Avoiding places that will jeopardize their safety, being picky about the people with whom they spend time, and staying away from drugs or alcohol are examples of establishing personal boundaries. Setting limits on unsafe behavior helps teach girls about personal safety.

5. Tell them it's OK to trust their instincts. If they’re uncomfortable in a certain situation, it’s OK to say no. They can often prevent unsafe circumstances simply by avoiding them. Human instincts can be an effective way of detecting bad situations before they happen.

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