Monday, August 19, 2013

Identify Signs Of Esophagus Cancer

Esophagus cancer is a cancer or tumorous growth that is found in the esophagus, the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Esophagus cancers may attack any length of the tube, from the throat area to the opening of the stomach. The cause of esophageal cancer is unknown, but risks are known to increase with smoking and drinking. More commonly found in men than women, esophagus cancer generally afflicts men or women over the age of 60, though younger adults have also contracted the disease. Most types of esophagus cancer originate there, though some tumors may be caused by secondary spread from another location in the body. Early treatment improves chances of recovery and may prevent spread to other areas of the body, which is why it is important to identify signs of esophagus cancer as soon as possible.


1. Take the time to listen to your body. While early cancers are difficult to notice or diagnose, understanding what is normal or not normal for every individual is the key to early recognition of signs of change in the body. One of the first signs of something wrong with the esophagus is difficulty swallowing. This difficulty grows progressively worse, so at the first sign of trouble, visit your family doctor.

2. Pay attention to how it feels when you swallow. It is painful? Does the pain or discomfort change when you're eating or lying down and swallowing? Any change in the lining of the esophagus is going to prompt changes in sensations when swallowing, so take note when something seems different.

3. Notice coughs. Coughing more than usual is another sign of irritation in the esophagus or bronchial tubes that reach into the lungs. A cough caused by growths of ulcers of the esophagus will be chronic and worsen as time goes by. Sometimes, individuals may cough up blood.

4. Listen to the sound of your voice. Is it deeper, or rougher than normal? Esophageal cancer may cause the voice to grow hoarse, no matter how much you rest your vocal cords.

5. Take note of your overall physical condition. Illnesses like cancer cause feelings of chronic fatigue and weakness. At times, no amount of sleep seems adequate.

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