Thursday, August 29, 2013

Treat Incontinence With Home Remedies

Experiencing adult incontinence is not only inconvenient, but it's also an embarrassing problem that can lead to self-consciousness and anxiety. If you have a mild case of incontinence that isn't caused by an underlying medical condition like diabetes, a urinary tract infection, pregnancy or neurological disorders, you may be able to lessen its severity with natural treatments. In addition to wearing protective undergarments to absorb any urine leakage, try these ways to treat incontinence with home remedies.


1. Reduce the strain on your bladder or pelvic muscles. Shed a few pounds if you're overweight since extra weight can create bladder pressure that lessens your ability to stop the frequent urination urge. It's reported that losing even five percent of your body weight can help prevent incontinence. Similarly, you can treat incontinence with home remedies like eating more vegetables, fruits and fiber to reduce constipation that can also weaken pelvic muscles.

2. Change your drinking habits to lessen the need for frequent urination. Cut down on items that can act as diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine since they'll lead you to feel the sudden urge to urinate. Urinary incontinence may also be triggered by soda and fruit juices that can irritate your bladder. Although drinking eight glasses of water each day can help combat the problem, space the amount over a long period of time rather than guzzling it in large batches, which will put undue stress on your bladder.

3. Treat incontinence with home remedies like Kegel exercises that will tone the muscles you need to regain bladder control. To do them, tense the muscles in your pelvic floor that you'd use to stop urination. Hold the position for several seconds and increase the amount of times you practice the exercise throughout the day (try Kegels while working at the computer or driving, for example) to increase muscle control.

4. Control your chronic cough that can lead to adult incontinence. Severe and repetitive coughing can lead to stress incontinence by pudding pressure on your bladder. Keeping your bladder empty by going to the bathroom more often may also cut down on these incidents of incontinence.

5. Try to treat incontinence with home remedies like herbal supplements if you've had luck with them for other conditions. For instance, taking supplements of pumpkin seed extract twice a day has been shown to reduce frequent urination and improve bladder control.

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