Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Step Motorcycle Training

Step-by-step instruction is one method of training in which participants are invited to become comfortable with basic tasks before attempting more complex tasks. Motorcycle training is often given in this format.

Motorcycle Danger

Due to their size, speed and relative lack of rider protection, motorcycles can be very dangerous vehicles to drive. Because of this, motorcycle training is often conducive to gradual, step-by-step training approaches, ensuring that riders will be as safe as possible.


The first step is to ensure that the students are comfortable walking the motorcycle indoors. This helps them get a feel for maneuvering the vehicle. Students then practice turning the motorcycle on and off, and then proceed to simple gear shifting and riding slowly in an enclosed environment. After this, more dangerous tasks, such as turning, may be attempted.


Step-by-step training topics include risk factors, defensive riding techniques, responding to different traffic scenarios, insurance, riding gear, license acquisition and road hazards. Many courses provide a training manual that covers each of these topics so participants can review material as they please.

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