Monday, August 5, 2013

What Are The Causes Of Neck Subluxation

What Are the Causes of Neck Subluxation?

Neck subluxation is also called cervical subluxation. It occurs when the vertebrae in the neck become misaligned. Accidents and injuries are the most common causes of neck subluxation. See your doctor or a chiropractor for a complete evaluation, as this information does not replace medical advice.


Childhood injuries sustained from falling out of bed or falling while learning to walk may cause neck subluxation as well as injuries that occurred from activities such as football and bicycle riding, which can lead to misalignment of the neck, head and spine. Prolonged labor during childbirth also may result in neck subluxation.


Major trauma to the spine and whiplash caused by car and motorcycle wrecks contribute to neck subluxation.


Passive events such as repeatedly sleeping or sitting in awkward positions for long periods of time contribute to neck subluxation. Tension caused by continual mental stress also contributes to neck subluxation.


Symptoms of neck subluxation include limited neck movement; head tilting; headaches; abnormal spinal curvature; pain in the hip, neck, back, shoulders, legs and feet; and muscle spasms along the spine.


A combination of medical and chiropractic treatments help with neck subluxation. These methods include spinal manipulation, medications and massage therapy.

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