Monday, August 12, 2013

Find Natural Cures For A Yeast Infection

So you've been hit by that itchy feeling on a Friday night and there's no 24-hour clinic in your area? Or you're camping in the woods? Or maybe you're in between insurance plans? Here are a few tricks for curing your yeast infections without a prescription.


The Yogurt Method

1. Make sure your yogurt is creamy and well-stirred

2. Dip a tampon into the yogurt. Leave it there for a few minutes to make sure it's saturated.

3. Insert tampon. The yogurt will soothe the itching and the bacteria in the yogurt will ward off the yeast.

4. Repeat each morning and each night before bed as long as it's needed.

The Teatree Oil Method

5. Apply lubricant to the top half of a tampon without an applicator.

6. Apply a few drops of teatree oil to the lubricated part of the tampon. This prevents the oil from being absorbed by the tampon.

7. Insert tampon. Repeat each morning and evening as needed.

The Garlic Method

8. Peel the papery skin off of a clove of garlic.

9. Wrap the clove in gauze, tying the ends with thin string. Dental floss usually works best. Be sure to leave a longer piece of dental floss as a "pull-string."

10. Insert the wrapped clove into your vagina. Make sure you can reach the floss.

11. Repeat mornings and evenings as needed.

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