Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mrsa Herbal Treatment

According to the Mayo Clinic, MRSA is an infection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This strain of staph is known for its resistance to a wide variety of antibiotics and it can be life-threatening. When you have such an infection, it's vital that you visit your physician immediately. However, there are also natural treatments that can boost your immune system and help to fight off the bacteria.

Always consult your physician prior to starting any natural treatment.


Oregano is made of carvacrol, which is a compound that is nearly 93 percent pure oregano oil. It's this compound that the researchers at the East West School of Herbology believe can treat the antibiotic-resistant bacteria. According to research done by the University of the West of England, a small amount of carvacrol was found to be a more effective treatment than the top 18 pharmaceutical antibiotics that were tested along with it. Prior to the use of modern antibiotics, infections such as MRSA were treated with heat-clearing herbs. These are herbs thought to fight off bacteria as well as increase the body's immune system to viral infections.

To begin treating a MRSA infection this way, you want to make sure you purchase a vial of oregano essential oils. Mix 6 drops of the oil into 2 tablespoons of olive oil and apply it topically 10 times per day. Besides the topical application to the infection site, you also want to ingest the solution. Do this by mixing 4 drops of the essential oils into 1 tablespoon of olive oil and drink it four times per day. Be sure to discuss this treatment with your physician.


Probiotics are helpful bacteria that are contained within your intestines. These bacteria support your immune system. So when you have an infection as serious as MRSA, ingesting a higher level of probiotics can help strengthen your system and aid in ridding your body of the infection. While you can obtain probiotics through food such as yogurt, the levels of good bacteria found in food are actually minuscule.

Probiotics are available as supplements. However, few formulas actually contain bacteria counts high enough to benefit your immune system. But the product In-Liven Probiotic from MiVitality, does contain counts high enough to support body functions. To consume this supplement, mix 1 teaspoon with water or juice and drink it three times per day.

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