Friday, August 23, 2013

Prepare For Blood Tests

Properly executed blood tests can help to diagnose numerous diseases and conditions. Many blood tests that are performed require you to follow instructions prior to receiving the blood tests. Learn prepare for blood tests to ensure viable results.


1. Ask your physician about any dietary restrictions you need to follow to prepare for blood tests. Some tests require that you fast (abstain from food and drink) for a certain period of time before blood tests. Blood test results can be jeopardized if you take certain medications before a blood draw. Smoking can also cause the results of blood tests to be skewed.

2. Arrive early at the site where the blood tests are conducted to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the facility and the procedures required before the blood tests are performed. Tell the phlebotomist (professional who draws blood) or lab technician of any medications you take or other pieces of medical history necessary.

3. Know that different amounts of blood are drawn depending on how many blood tests are to be conducted. A tourniquet is placed on your arm to make your veins more noticeable to the technician. The needle is inserted in a slanted position and blood is drawn into a vial. Expect a pinch when the needle is inserted that feels like a bee sting. If more blood is necessary, the vial is changed while the needle remains in your arm. A proficient lab technician can take blood test samples quickly and efficiently with minimal discomfort.

4. Apply pressure to the puncture mark to stop blood flow and bend your arm to assist the process. Expect possible bruising to occur at the wound site as well as a bit of pain.

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