Monday, November 11, 2013

What Is The Meaning Of The Color Yellow

Yellow, just like any color of the visible spectrum, has meanings and associations that are tied to the objects that have their color. Paintings using yellow are trying to communicate specific messages, where giving a yellow rose communicates another. Yellow lights at intersections communicate caution, and yellow ribbons represent longing for travelers to return.

Painting Effects

The color yellow in painting means warmth. It is a bright color that represents the sun, light, happiness and joy.

Driving Caution

The color yellow, when driving, has several meanings. Most important is that a yellow traffic light means caution and prepare to stop.


Yellow roses, to 18th and 19th century Europeans, meant undying love and jealousy, due to the fragrance of wild yellow roses. Thanks to hybridization and cross-breeding, today the yellow rose is associated with joy, warmth and friendship.

Symbolic Representation

Yellow ribbon symbolizes that someone is off on a journey and separated from loved ones, and that loved ones long for the individual's return.


In ancient Egypt, yellow represented the sun, which was eternal, undying and indestructible. Pharaohs' spirits depicted on their tombs were painted yellow, as was Anubis, the conductor of the dead, which had golden skin and a dog head.

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