Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Memory Foam Pillows

About Memory Foam Pillows

There is nothing worse than waking up to a sore and stiff neck that plagues you all day. Nighttime arrives and your sleep is disrupted as you try to find a comfortable position to support your neck. Sleeping on a substandard pillow can cause headaches, stiff necks, interrupted sleep and other physical conditions. The memory foam pillow supports the neck properly, so you get a good night's sleep.


The concept of memory foam began with NASA in the 1970's. They were looking for seat cushions for the astronauts to protect them during liftoff. They developed the memory foam but discovered that the tightly controlled environment or atmosphere caused the material to break down and release fumes. They ended up selling the technology to a Swedish company named Fagerdala.


The company continued research on the product, which evolved into a division of the company called Tempur-pedic. They created the memory foam mattress. The mattress absorbs pressure and heat by molding itself around the body and adjusting to the body weight. The spine is aligned, producing a better night's sleep. Tempur-pedic is the oldest maker of memory foam mattresses. If you purchase a mattress, Tempur-pedic will recommend that you buy the memory foam pillow to go along with it. Like the mattress, the pillow molds to the head and neck.


The memory foam pillow completes the alignment of the spine. It reduces stress and pressure on the neck by supporting the neck properly. With both a memory form pillow and memory foam mattress, the whole body is aligned, pressure points are reduced and the body rests better for a good night's sleep.


Consumers are discovering the benefits of the memory foam pillow. Snoring is reduced because the better alignment of the spine means a better alignment of the breathing passages. Allergy sufferers benefit, too. The memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic, and the zip-off cover allows easy cleaning. The pillows are also resistant to dust mites.


Memory foam pillows come in a variety of sizes depending, upon the company. Sleep Aid sells five sizes, ranging from a travel size to a standard long, which is 24 inches in length. Some companies sell a standard and queen size. Prices vary, but memory foam pillows are more expensive than regular pillows.

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