Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2 Day Cleansing Diet

There are many products and methods of cleansing the body of toxic buildup. The purpose of flushing the system of these toxins is to improve health, increase energy and awareness while helping the body return to optimal performance. Many popular cleanses can be intimidating for someone new to the cleansing process and often require longer durations. A person can have an effective cleanse over two days by following these guidelines.


Most fasts are liquid fasts. This means no solid food is taken in and only water or diluted fresh fruit juice is consumed. While the intention is to increase liquid consumption to flush the toxins out, too much will create an electrolyte imbalance and possible serious health condition. Limit liquid consumption to 3 liters per day when on the cleanse and return to a normal 2.5 liters daily when the cleanse is done. If you are using fruit juices, squeeze them fresh and drink immediately to preserve the vitamin C content.


Doing a cleanse can make a person feel lethargic. This tired feeling is not a result of lack of food calories, but instead a release of toxins in the body that can burden the metabolism until it is cleared out. Use a cleanse as a time to allow the body to rejuvenate with extra sleep and relaxing activities. Plan a cleanse on a weekend or another time when phones, computers and daily nuances will not create an irritable situation.


Do not take laxatives while on a cleanse. This could also create an electrolyte imbalance leading to serious health situations. If a liquid diet is too much to manage, add fiber to the diet. Ideally these should be raw: fresh fruits and vegetables, oats and brown rice. Most serious cleansers don't intake any solid food during the cleanse and ease their body into the cleanse with these raw or high fiber foods just before and just after the cleanse to help the body prepare and return to normal metabolic function. Use a liquid vitamin and mineral while cleansing to help the body maintain the essential nutrients in an easy to absorb method.

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