Friday, November 8, 2013

Stop Smoking With Acupuncture

Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things some people ever have to do. It's tough because nicotine is extremely addictive. For some people it is as addictive as heroine or cocaine. Acupuncture has gotten rave reviews from smokers because it helps with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Most smokers try more traditional methods first. It often takes smokers two or three tries to actually quit. Acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese medicine based on 12 energy lines in the body. During acupuncture, needles are inserted into the body along these energy lines to restore balance and energy flow.


Finding an Acupuncturist

1. Find an acupuncturist who knows how difficult it is to quit smoking. He should interview you first or have you fill out a questionnaire. This is so he can understand your moods and triggers for smoking. It will also help him know how heavy a smoker you are. Your treatment will be tailored to your needs.

2. Focus on your ear and specific body points. The ear is believed to be associated with energy pathways that influence smoking. One body point that should be focused on is the Tim Mee area on the wrist. It is a specific point associated with smoking. The other points are called the Four Gate Points. They are points used to calm the central nervous system.

3. Go for acupuncture treatment once or twice a week for the first four to six weeks. Treatments can last between five and 30 minutes. Then stay with acupuncture at least once a month for six months to make sure you have quit smoking for good.

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