Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Make An Intravenous Fluid Infusion Stand At Home

Patients will often require intravenous therapy while being treated at home. For the IV to function properly, a device must elevate the IV infusion bag above the patient. In a medical setting, a patient's IV fluids attach to a traditional IV pole. In a home environment, the patient may not have a traditional IV pole readily available or have the financial means to purchase a traditional pole. Common household items can provide alternatives to the traditional pole.


1. Attach the towel holder to a closet door near the patient. If you have a coat stand, you can use that to elevate the IV bag.

2. Attach the infusion bag to the hanger by slipping the hanger through the IV bag hole. Hang the clothes hanger from the hook that you attached to the closet door, making sure the bag is above the patient. If you are using a coat rack, slip the infusion bag onto one of the hooks, once again ensuring you elevate the bag above the patient.

3. Open the clamp on the tubing and watch the IV chamber to ensure that fluid is flowing at the appropriate rate.

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