Friday, November 29, 2013

Cope With The Effects Of A Stroke

When we think of someone coping with the after effects of having a stroke, we often focus on the stroke victim. However, here are a few ways that family members and caregivers can also cope with this life-changing event.


1. Strike a balance. Everyone wants to help his or her loved one get back to a more normal state in life. At the same time, we want to coddle and protect them in any way we can. Family members must learn show the stroke survivor we are here for you, yet be strong enough to give a push during difficult moments in their recovery.

2. Show lots of patience. After a longer period exercising patience may become harder and harder for family members. After all, your stresses in life have not changed, you love your family member, yet trying to do it all can become tough. Take some time off; do not feel bad about accepting help. Once rested, you will be better able to show patience.

3. Do not get frustrated. You being frustrated with the stroke victim only adds to their already feelings of worthlessness. If they are desperately, trying to tell you something and you cannot understand them, do not become frustrated and walk out of the room. Let them know you cannot understand what they are trying to tell you, your calm reaction may give them the strength to reorganize their thoughts and try it again.

4. Accept the change. As loving family members, we all want the best for those whom we love. However, one of the biggest steps in coping with such a big change is acceptance. Accept the fact that your loved one is the same person you loved so dearly before the stroke and that this person may or may not fully recover. Deal with what the worst scenario could be and work towards the best of scenarios, this way if recovery is slow or never happens, you have already mentally prepared your mind for that. It is simple, but it works.

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