Monday, November 11, 2013

Lose Weight With Dashama Yoga

Lose weight and gain energy using Dashama Konah Gordon's yoga techniques.

Dashama Konah Gordon offers workshops, books, DVDs, and free e-tutorials that may help users to shed pounds through yoga poses and diet. Gordon states, "My style I teach is called Pranashama yoga. It incorporates various styles of yoga (Ashtanga, Power, Anusara and Vinyasa) with martial arts and dance -- with the occasional sequence/workshop including some Thai yoga healing arts and qigong internal energy work." Gordon also alludes to the importance of integrating raw foodism into the diet. "I don't necessarily recommend for people to eat 100% raw food, though. It is okay for a while, perhaps a few weeks or even up to 6 months."


Access Free Online Yoga Videos

1. Save Dashama Konah Gordon's yoga videos to your "Favorites" tab from:

2. Go to the "Free Resources" tab at

3. Choose the "Videos" link under the "Free Resources" tab at

4. Do "Day 01: Beginners Yoga Sequence" on your yoga mat as guided by Dashama.

5. Do "Day 02: Shoulders & Upper Back Opening Standing Sequence" on day two as guided by Dashama.

6. Follow subsequent days as directed by Dashama on, or subscribe to receive daily email tutorial videos.

Energy Ascension Diet

7. Take freshly made lemon water in the morning upon waking to alkalize your body, as recommended by Dashama. The recipe is available at Type the keywords: Dashama lemon water.

8. Make a superfoods snack as recommended by Dashama, using aloe vera juice, goji berries, raw cacao with maca, hemp protein powder, probiotics, agave nectar, and chia seeds as directed by Dashama on Type the keywords: Dashama super foods.

9. Eat a healthy weight loss salad with purple kale, mixed sprouts, olive oil, vinegar, shu wu shi, pine nuts, sugar plum grape tomatoes, Bragg's liquid aminos, powdered garlic, pumpkin seeds, tempeh, nutritional yeast, and avocado as recommended by Dashama on Type the keywords: Dashama purple kale.

10. View more weight loss recipes by Dashama at Type the keywords: Dashama weight loss diet.

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