Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dodge A Blue Shell In Mario Kart Wii

In Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo's popular racing game, blue shells are one of the most devastating items. When released, the blue shell will lock on to the player in first place and dive downward, creating an explosion that will spin out the first-place driver and any other drivers nearby. This guide will explain avoid being hit by a blue shell using a mushroom.


1. Have a mushroom item ready while you are in first place. Since blue shells attack the player in first place, having a mushroom at the right time is half the battle. The chances of picking up a mushroom item while in first place is very low, but getting them in second or third place is common. If you get a single mushroom item, try to get into first place without using the item, and save it for later. If you happen to get a triple mushroom, try to use a couple of the mushroom boosts to get into first place and save the last one.

2. Wait till a blue shell item is used. You will know it is coming by the dinging audio cue that you hear whenever a hostile item is approaching accompanied by a blue shell icon on the screen.

3. Use your mushroom the instant before the blue shell dives down and explodes. When a blue shell deploys, it will come onto your screen and hover above your head for a second, then swoop up, and finally down before it explodes. Wait as the blue shell appears and circles around, and as the shell swoops upward, use your mushroom. If timed properly, the burst of speed you gain from the mushroom will send you zooming ahead of the blue shell's explosion unscathed.

4. It is possible to avoid a blue shell by driving over a mushroom laying on the track as well. When players have unused mushroom items, and are spun out by certain items, their mushrooms will scatter around on the ground. If you happen to see one laying around, you can attempt to drive over it to avoid a blue shell, by hitting the mushroom the instant before the blue shell dives down to explode. Though extremely situational and difficult to time, if done correctly a stray mushroom can win a race.

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