Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Get One'S Orthotics To Stop Squeaking

Doctors frequently prescribe orthotics, custom foot supports, for people with chronic foot problems. Most are made of hard plastic or carbon graphite. While orthotics can provide pain relief, they can also make an embarrassing squeak caused by friction when the orthotic rubs against the inside of the shoe. Don't let a squeaking orthotic keep you at home. Here's stop the squeak.


1. Make sure you get an orthotic that is properly fitted. See a podiatrist or orthopaedist about your foot problems. They can write the proper prescription for your orthotic.

2. Remove the orthotic that is squeaking from your shoe.

3. Sprinkle talcum powder on the front edge of the orthotic.

4. Insert the orthotic back into your shoe and walk. If the squeaking is gone, great. If not, go to Step 5.

5. Remove the orthotic again, and rough it up a bit by rubbing it with medium coarse sandpaper. Don't sand too much, as this can change the structural integrity of the orthotic, especially if it's made of carbon graphite, which cracks easily. It can also void your warranty.

6. Check with your doctor if the squeaking persists. He can try adding a thin strip of rough material to the bottom of the orthotic.

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