Thursday, November 28, 2013

How Do Hot Flashes Feel

Hot flashes are a signal that a woman is ending one period of her life and is starting another. Hot flashes are just one of the symptoms of menopause that a woman may go through, and they can be uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to deal with.


Hot flashes are a different experience for each individual woman. Each time a woman experiences a hot flash the hot flash can vary in duration, the degree of warmth and exactly where she feels it.


A woman experiencing a hot flash may suddenly feel mildly warm to very hot and flushed in her face, neck and chest areas. She may feel hot for several minutes to 30 minutes.

Spreading Heat

The hot flash will actually spread from a woman's face to her upper body as the hot flash radiates throughout her body. She may sweat profusely and experience a faster heartbeat during the duration of the hot flash.


Some women may have several hot flashes a day, while others have several hot flashes a week. A woman may experience hot flashes for several years, while other women may have hot flashes for only one year.

Night Sweats

A woman can also have hot flashes at night, that are called night sweats. Many times after the hot flash is over, a woman will become very cold.


To get through hot flashes dress in layers, and drink chilled water during the day and nighttime too.

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