Friday, December 20, 2013

Why Would One Use A Green Light For A Pipe Inspection

Why Would One Use a Green Light for a Pipe Inspection?

Green LED lights have been used in settings as varied as camping to military surveillance as a tool to see in the dark. As a household item, green LED lights are helpful when it comes to detecting hidden dirt, scratches, or serial numbers from the insides of pipes.


The soft light provided by green light bulbs makes them ideal for careful inspection of small, hard-to-see spaces.


The green light allows the user to see clearly without creating a harsh glare on the eyes that would be present while using a stronger light source. Unlike white light, green light only illuminates the objects it is being pointed at, which means that the pupils of the eyes can stay dilated and take in more light than with a white light. Think of looking directly into a headlight on a car on a dark light. Now think about looking at a green traffic light, and you can imagine the difference.


Green LED lights are available in sizes for practical application for any type of project.

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