Friday, December 13, 2013

Soften Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam pillows are made out of viscoelastic foam. Viscoelastic foam softens and becomes more pliable when heat is applied to it. Normally, the heat from a person's body is enough to soften the memory foam. But sometimes, when the weather is cold, the body does not give off enough heat to soften the foam. Without body heat softening the foam, the pillow can be hard and uncomfortable. When body heat is not enough to soften a memory foam pillow, external heat should be used.


1. Turn up the heat in the room to warm the air temperature. A memory foam pillow in a room that is very cold, is a hard pillow.

2. Blow warm air from a hair dryer on the back of your neck and head to warm your skin. Do this right before you lay down, so that your skin is warm enough to cause the memory foam pillow to soften.

3. Lay a heated blanket over the memory foam pillow, so the pillow softens and changes shape with your body as you move around throughout the night.

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