Friday, December 20, 2013

Clean Cloisonne Beads

Cloisonn is an ancient process of decorating metalwork with enamel. The finished items display images interspersed with gold or silver wire and covered with a shiny patina. Cloisonn beads, like other cloisonn pieces, must receive adequate care to maintain this patina and remain scratch-free. With careful maintenance, cloisonn jewelry can remain attractive for a long time.


1. Place a polishing cloth or a lint-free microfiber cloth on a flat surface and place the cloisonn beads on top.

2. Examine the item to identify any weak areas if the beads are part of finished jewelry. Remember to be gentle with these weak spots when you are cleaning the beads if it is not possible to fix them before you clean.

3. Rub the beads gently with the corners of the cloth. Remove all grease marks, fingerprints, oils and anything else that mars the shiny surface of the beads.

4. Place the beads in a soft pouch or in a box lined with cotton. Store the container away until you need the beads again.