Monday, December 16, 2013

Benefits Of Sea Salt Bath Crystals

Sea salt bath crystals.

Sea salt's many benefits derive from the salt's mineral composition, containing 92 minerals of the earth. Compared to table salt, an iodized and processed salt composed of sodium chloride, sea salt is known to contain therapeutic properties for the skin while also providing pain and stress relief. Other benefits require further research; even so, spas and health resorts have been using sea salt therapies throughout history.

Skin Rejuvination

Sea salt is known to hydrate the skin and is found in many beauty products like moisturizers and facial scrubs. In a bath soak, sea salt crystals benefit your entire body, softening and hydrating your skin. Sea salt baths, a natural antiseptic, are also therapeutic in helping topical infections. Soaks are found to alleviate skin diseases like psoriasis and to reduce inflammation associated with dry, flaky skin. Ongoing studies conducted at the Dead Sea Research Center demonstrate the positive correlation between sea salt and skin disorders.

Pain Relief

Sea salt soaks promote pain relief, easing muscular and joint aches in the body. Taking a sea salt bath after a strenuous work-out is beneficial for your strained muscles. Certain diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, which involves joint pain, are relieved with the regular use of Dead Sea salt soaks. Ongoing studies through the Dead Sea Research Center have shown a regular program of soaks assist in joint pain relief. A study conducted in 1982 by Dr. P. Engels at a sanatorium clinic in Germany and published in Acta Medica Empirica revealed rheumatic illness was eased in 60 patients with regular use of therapeutic salts.

Stress and Tension Relief

Soaking in a sea salt bath relieves stress and tension. First, soaks promote physical pain relief, which goes a long way in reducing stress levels. Secondly, soaking in a sea salt bath relieves emotional stress. Taking time for yourself goes a long way in relieving the external stresses of life. Sea salt may also help with sleep regulation and relieve depression. Lithium, for instance, is a synthetic salt-substitute medication created for depression. In "Water and Salt, The Essence of Life," author Dr. Hendel and biophysicist Peter Ferreira demonstrate the therapeutic connection between Himalayan crystal salt and central nervous system function, sleep patterns, concentration levels and brain activity.

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits of soaking in sea salt include increased metabolism, reduced water retention and detoxification. While these benefits still need further research, spas and health resorts have used sea salt techniques such as body wraps, sea salt scrubs and Thalassotherapy to promote weight loss and detoxification for centuries. Thalassotherapy, an ancient therapy involving immersion into sea water, sea salt and seaweed originates from the Greek word thalassa. Further benefits involve assisting the respiratory system, increased circulation and improved immune response by promoting our own healing mechanism.

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