Thursday, December 26, 2013

Uses Of Citronella Oil

Citronella oil is often used in candles.

Citronella oil use has a long and storied history among tribal peoples in Africa and North America to address physical and mental conditions. This includes the use of citronella in tribal rituals to cleanse the body and mind, regenerating or strengthening a person's "life force." Although few scientific or clinical studies confirm citronella oil's many applications, that has not prevented its continued use in therapeutic and environmental applications.

Insect Repellent

Repel insects without the use of chemicals or potentially environmentally unfriendly applications, using citronella oil. This is perhaps the most common use of this oil, and what it is most noted for. There are multiple ways to use the oil to repel mosquitos, no-see-ums, fleas and other insects. Candles are good for use outdoors, such as at campsites or backyard gatherings. Citronella oil in lotion or spray form can be applied to repel insects, applied either directly on the skin, or on the clothing of people who are sensitive to direct exposure to the oil.

Health Related Uses

Ease the pain and discomfort of headaches using citronella oil. As with the many other uses of this oil, application can be by lotion, spray or candles, and the oil can be occasionally ingested in small doses. Citronella is also used as a deodorant, in particular because of its subtle lemon undertones. Other common health-related uses are as a diuretic and to help address concerns with excessive sweating. The oil is said to be effective in expelling intestinal worms when used as an ingredient in herbal tea, according to


Increase your sharpness of mind using citronella oil as a part of aromatherapy. According to the herbal remedies area of the Bright Hub website, it is said to assist in "clearing the mind" to make a person feel more mentally alert. The oil also aids in battling mild feelings of depression, according to the Bright Hub information. For some, one of the ingredients in citronella oil, geraniol, is said to go beyond simply clearing the mind and actually promote a feeling of euphoria. These uses might involve trial and error, in that the evidence is more empirical than clinical.

Household Uses

Disinfect rooms in your home using citronella oil. The oil is said to have anti-bacterial properties that promote a clean and sterile environment. Simply mix several drops of citronella oil with vinegar, and apply it directly to surfaces with a rag. For those with a cold or flu, adding a touch of citronella oil in a vaporizer will promote healing, in addition to a cleaner environment in general. Also, the lemony smell is very appealing to many; as a result the oil can be used as a air freshener. Finally, just as citronella is used by humans to repel insects, it can be applied to pets to rid them of fleas.


Apply or use citronella oil only if you are certain of not being pregnant. This does not mean that citronella oil is bad for pregnant women or for fetuses. The concern is more in the lack of clinical studies in this regard, and the subsequent lack of information. "Better safe than sorry" applies here.

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