Thursday, December 5, 2013

Prevent Nausea With Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome affects each person who has it differently, and relief from symptoms will differ from one person to another. Pressure, pain, headache, frequent bowel movements are often accompanied by nausea. The nausea can be hard to fight. It is bad enough to have to go to the bathroom without the feeling that you can vomit any minute. It helps to have the knowledge of prevent nausea with irritable bowel syndrome. You will need to discover which prevention works best for you.


1. Heat water and brew a strong cup of black tea. If you like the taste of ginger tea, you can see if that will work for you. Strong tea has a soothing quality that can help cut the nausea. You must stay hydrated. If you have vomited, you need clear liquids. Electrolytes need to be replaced in your depleted system.

2. Go to your room or the couch and lie down between trips to the bathroom. Be sure to elevate your head higher than your abdomen. Reclining in a near-sitting position may be the only way to help. Use low lighting for a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Nibble on saltine crackers. If you have crystallized ginger, put some in your mouth and suck on it. Even though you are fighting nausea, you must keep something in your stomach. An empty stomach can add to the sick feeling.

4. Keep warm. You lose heat when you frequent the bathroom. All of these problems can add to your nausea. Wrap up in an afghan or blanket while you rest.

5. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to learn if you can take the over the counter antihistamines that help with nausea. Emetrol, Avomine and Dramamine help with nausea. When you are on prescription medications, you have to make sure you can combine them with over-the-counter medication to protect your health.

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