Friday, September 13, 2013

What Are The Effects Of Acupressure


Add acupressure to the list of ancient healing modalities making a comeback in modern holistic medicine. Using the thumbs and fingers, or specialized equipment, acupressurists apply pressure to reflex points to heal the body naturally.


Lower limbs

Researchers from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University found significant increases in lower limb blood flow, offering relief to patients suffering from arterial obstructions in the arms and legs.



Most of the research on acupressure focuses on the pressure point on the wrist thought to relieve nausea. Prenatal and postsurgical nausea sufferers have experienced relief from acupressure treatment.


Acupressure for muscles

Acupressure is known to relieve muscle, bone and blood vessel aches, pains and tensions. It is a preventative medicine and symptom treatment for all types of physical and mental ailments, such as fibromyalgia and depression.

Fun Fact

Improved job satisfaction

Participants in a study from the American Massage Therapy Association reported increased job satisfaction, stress reduction, a lower likelihood of at-work injuries and even improved attendance.


Do not apply acupressure to wounds.

Direct pressure should not be applied to wounds or certain skin conditions. Burns, fractures, eczema and infections contraindicate acupressure treatment.

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