Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Heal From Hernia Surgery

Herniorrphaphy, the medical phase for hernia repair, is a procedure for repairing a muscle that has torn free of the surface it is connected to. Hernias can occur at various sites on the body such as the navel, groin and abdomen. Once this tear occurs it creates a protrusion at the site of the tear. The most common hernia locations are in the groin and the abdomen. Depending on the location of the tear, non-invasive repair or surgery can be attempted under general or local anesthesia. General is used if open surgery is required. Local anesthesia is numbing of the area and this process will be chosen if the repair is minor.


1. Undergo a pre-procedure examination with the treating physician. This may include blood and urine tests, EKG and a review of medications. Take any antibiotics prescribed for prevention of potential infection post-procedure. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water for several days before the procedure.

2. Eat or drink only if instructed to by the physician performing the procedure. Take medications only if recommended by physician. Shower the morning of the procedure with antibacterial soap to assist in riding the body of bacteria. Infusion with pain medications and antibiotics will be administered in the recovery room. Rest following the procedure with no lifting or straining.

3. Make plans to have someone drive to and from the procedure. Do not drive after undergoing a medical procedure.

4. Ask specific questions of the physician regarding diet and activities. Return slowly over the first few days back to a normal routine. Take pain medications as prescribed. Avoid lifting or straining as long as recommended by physician. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water to aid the body in healing.

5. Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the risk of another tear or a new hernia. Strengthen the abdominal muscles with exercise.

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