Friday, September 27, 2013

Find A Popup Camper

Pop-up campers have solid rooves and hard-shell bases. The sleeping quarters fold out of the shell for use and compress into the main camping area when being towed. Shopping for these campers is done via camper dealerships and RV dealers or through online and newspaper advertising. Finding the camper of your choice may be a shade more difficult, but with a little time and an Internet connection, you can zero in on your pop-up quarry.


1. Go to RV and camper dealerships. Most camper dealers stock a selection of pop-up campers. If you are looking for a particular brand, go to that brand's website and go to the "find a dealer" page. Enter your zip code and find the nearest dealers to you.

2. Check online classified advertisements such as Craigslist or Backpage. Go to the "RV" section and enter "pop-up camper" into the search box to pull up the most recent pop-up advertisements.

3. Expand your search if you want a particular model or year. Use the online classifieds and place a wanted ad. Put in the year, model, make or any other relevant search parameters for your pop-up of choice. Be sure to include a method of reaching you for the sale.

4. Attend camping shows. Many large cities have RV and camping or outdoor shows in the early spring. These shows have selections of campers and gear, including pop-ups.

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