Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Signs Of A Sexually Abusive Relationship

Any abusive relationship involves a partner who gets a "high" off eroding your self-esteem. The relationship centers on control and manipulation of your emotions. You cannot relax, feel loved or enjoy the relationship.

Recognizing the Signs of Sexual Abuse

A sexually abusive partner forces you to have sex against your will. This person may or may not rape you. He or she will coerce you into having sex when you are upset or stressed out. The abuse involves criticism at every turn. Plus, the abuser might continually monitor how you spend time and how you spend money.

Understanding the Dynamics of Sexual Abuse

Sexually abusive individuals are most often those who once felt overpowered by an abusive person. It is often males who've been abused or neglected by their mothers who become sexual abusers. The goal of the abuser is to humiliate you and keep you in social isolation. It's easier to control you this way.

Get Help from a Counselor

If you are in love with the abuser, your will feel emotionally conflicted. Every time you try to leave or think about leaving, your desire to gain love from this person will overwhelm you. Start to get help by having phone conversations with a domestic violence counselor.

Recovering from a Sexually Abusive Relationship

You can recover from any abusive relationship in steps. Talking with someone trained to help you---not just a friend or family member---will empower you to get out. Deciding that you deserve better treatment from a partner is the turning point.

Nice People are at Risk for Abuse

Individuals raised to be "people pleasers" can easily fall victim to sexual abuse. Plenty of men are sexually abused by women, for example. Gentlemen, versus "bad boys," can have trouble feeling enough anger to leave. It's a healthy sign when disrespect from a partner makes you angry.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

It's tempting to want to rush out and find new love. But give yourself time. It's better to work on regaining your inner calm and sense of strength before you date again. You can recover your boundaries---or find them for the first time---when you spend time talking with support counselors.

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